Social Media Blog Post Assignment for MKTG 470

I came across an interesting article from Social Media Examiner titled, “ 16 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros” by Cindy King.  The tips are:

  1. Host Social Media Events
  2. Use LinkedIn’s “Your Day” Feature
  3. Use Images to Amplify Your Facebook Updates
  4. Go Deep, Not Broad
  5. Get the Attention of Influencers
  6. Focus on the Platforms Where Your Customers Are
  7. Choose Your Image Wisely
  8. Communicate With Your LinkedIn Connections
  9. Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Your Intended Action
  10. Make Real Life Connections
  11. Build Online Influence
  12. Use “Here on Biz” to Connect With People in Person
  13. Make Following/Follower Management Part of Your Daily Routine
  14. Use Live Internet Broadcast to Connect With Your Audience
  15. Get Social Media Metrics From Google Analytics
  16. Create Loyalty by Participating in One-on-One Dialog

While these tips are very useful for companies, I found that some are important for graduating seniors searching for jobs. In my classes, we are not only taught different aspects of marketing but how to market ourselves.

“Choose Your Image Wisely” is crucial for social media. Potential employers are able see all the pictures posted on Facebook and Twitter. While these sites may be used for personal lives, pictures should still reflect yourself in an appropriate manner. Your profile picture on LinkedIn, however, should be professionally taken. An example is posted below.

An example if a professional picture on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Picture

“Communicate With Your LinkedIn Connections” and “Make Real Life Connections” are also extremely important. Connecting and communicating on LinkedIn as well as at professional events are key to network with potential employers. Once a relationship is developed, you may consider utilizing Skype to communicate with professionals.

“Create Loyalty by Participating in One-on-One Dialog” is another tip that stood out. Utilizing Twitter to communicate with companies and professionals is a great way to get your name out there before you send in your resume.

College students should strongly consider some of these marketing tips as they began their job searches.


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